Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Self-Challenge and Experiment

I was born a glutton. My mother tells me of stories of me as an infant sucking on food from the ground when I could barely crawl, and when I did learn to walk, I would always make my way to the food table; food was always my passion.

And so began the journey of chubbiness, insecurities, diet-seeking, bulimia, binges and great weight fluctuations. I could never keep a balance. When I was around 13, I actually grabbed a knife and wanted to die. I have always been humble to this moment and have generally kept it to myself. Though, I am not ashamed of it anymore, I am proud, because since that day I haven't looked back. I always try to dismiss my insecurities and uplift those around me...

But why tell this sappy story?

Because it is time for more progress. Around four years ago, I turned vegetarian and have felt great in my lifestyle changes full of veggies, fruits, tofu and other alternatives. I have experimented with veganism and cleanses but the reality is, my diet is a Ying-Yang. My name is Melanie and I binge...on sweets. My grandfather passed on a lovely gene to my dad, who then passed it along to me which is to be COMPLETELY obsessed and subservient to sweets. The feeling is like denying a crack addict his lovely fix, so that one day he finds himself overdosing in desperation. I can eat a whole cake, plus all the oreos in that box, ice-cream and my body would still crave more. My grandfather is dying of diabetes, my dad eats just like his dad did, and well, its time for me to "man" up ("woman" up too) or follow the same linear path as they.


I created a personal "YOLO 6-week challenge", which means "You only Live Once". It is time to stop giving myself dumb excuses and engaging in destructive patterns. I also open it up to all who want to join in. For the first two weeks, I am turning Raw Vegan (today is the first day, wow am I hungry all the time) while engaging in a good amount of excercise each week. My goal is to lose 12 pounds (and to be able to run 2 miles without feeling like a sledgehammer hit my chest).

Every Sunday night, 9pm, I meet in front of the Wellness Center with anyone who wants to also have significant impact in their life. There is a weigh in and I pass out a quick packet of tips.

But, anyone can join with their own Goal.

It doesn't have to be to lose weight, but perhaps you want to get stronger, you want to improve your heart health, decrease your cholesterol levels. This goal is as personal as the true discipline it takes to make change.

The beauty of it is, you are a constituent to the group, to everyone else's goal. Others are using your dedication as a driving force to stay on track. It is like the Weight Watcher's concept of weekly meetings, but without the pricetag and the Dunkin Donuts next to it (It is on US 1 here in Coral Gables, how EVIL is that?)

BUT it also goes to Charity
Like a walkathon, but a "Fit-A-Thon". You can "bet" money on every pound I lose. So for example, you bid "$3", for every pound I lose you will donate 3 dollars to Team of Life, Inc. A Non-profit company in Ft. Lauderdale that offers inner city kids tutoring, school supplies, etc.

If you join in, you can also get others to bid for you.


I want to see how my body transforms, how I feel, how my stamina changes. Think of it as "Supersize Me" but reversed: "Superfit Me?". Wow. Enough said.

I will write my struggles and realizations here to hopefully move those of you forward who want to do good for your body. Its not truly easy for anyone.

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  1. I'd like to come to your meetings at the wellness center. I want to make a goal as well. Still working on what... (It shouldn't be too hard. God knows, I have room to grow haha).

    Great stuff, Melanie.