Friday, September 25, 2009

A Scare and 8 Pounds Lighter

I felt very weak on Wednesday. I felt like I was having muscle atrophy in combination with Anemia. By Thursday I thought I was feeling better but by me almost passing out on Friday, I knew that my body was officially going through detox. When you undergo a cleansing, it is very typical to feel pretty weak and ill around a week in; your body is removing toxins and going almost through a withdraw. Its confused.

I got on the scale, and it read 160. 160? So I stepped down, stepped back up and its true, 160. This means I have lost 8 pounds. It also means two things: I have executed the cleansing, and two, I need to eat more. Although it is nice to see the loss, it reflects that I am not eating enough and I need to focus on forcing myself to eat more calories. I need to have a steadier weight loss. Don't want my body to go through shock.

I will also schedule a physical for next week, after the detox to ensure I am on the right path.

What is fascinating is that there are thousands of people who live like this all year, raw vegan, why am I so different? Why is my struggle any different then theirs? Why would I choose to document mine....

I guess its to make people understand that its a struggle for most people and that we need to persevere because if not the cycles will not end. The continual struggle to be healthy, the superficiality of it all, will persist. Success is so much closer than it seems.

Alright, so I am getting corny, which means I am getting tired. I hope you keep pledging for my weight loss, and may you all be working your way to a healthier you!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

From the Beginning to My Current Status

I just saw Taylor, the guy who inspired me to become raw vegan, while I am cramming for my French 16th and 17th Century Literature exam (thats tomorrow!!!).

This whole Challenge bit started with me reading outside of the library this past Saturday. It is common that periodically someone recognizes you, says hi quickly and at most accomplishes some small talk and walks off. Simple human respectful behavior.

It was a bit different this past Saturday, as I was first approached by Dave Korn, a true free-spirit, who traveled the world during the past 8 months. Typical to me and our age group, we engaged in a deep existentialist debate on how we should go about living. The conversation drifted to "Into the Wild", the story of Chris McCandless, a man who after college graduation gave away all of his life savings, gave up all luxuries and decided to travel... into the wild. Yes, we had both been inspired by his story and both seek to test our humanity through engaging in this....

Then came Taylor, a true Raw Vegan, and the conversation drifted into how health is crucial, etc (you can see where it goes from here). We became even more polarized.

Both were so peaceful, so content. It was truly amazing, and I guess I hoped for the same complete peace. I may not be able to grab a back pack and wish establishment away, but I can break down my fitness structure that had so failed me.

I put on pants today that I wore one week ago and MUFFIN TOPPED with no shame. Today they fit nicely, and a bit loose in some areas. Amazing.

Although I had a rough day yesterday, since all the toxins are leaving the body (this is acting as a detox), I am now feeling better. I hope to fight through my cravings and urges with all of you who need that extra push. I won't break it, just promise me the same.

Second weigh in in a few days, I hope to report good things.

Monday, September 21, 2009

And then there was a Second Day

I looked into my fridge, to see all the fruit, veggies and nuts I had bought for the next week, and do you want honesty?

I was disappointed. I can see the soymilk, eggs, bread and veggie burgers left over from last week and they seem so delicious. No, its because they ARE delicious. But I have to keep suppressing my vice. Two weeks of raw veganism... 13 more days but yeah... who's counting?

After these two weeks I will get a full physical and blood work to see exactly what is reflected through my diet. I found a great website Then, of course I'll finish of the 6 weeks with a vegan/vegetarian medley.

Also, a quote for Wikipedia (yes, I'm quoting wikipedia...) "A raw vegan diet consists of unprocessed, raw plant foods that have not been heated above 46 °C (115 °F). “Raw foodists” believe that foods cooked above this temperature have lost much of their nutritional value and are less healthy or even harmful to the body. "

I've found cases where people with Type 2 Diabetes have been cured, cured? If this lifestyle is this powerful, then I must look at my almonds and grapes I had for breakfasts with more respect....

Yesterday's Weigh-in: 168.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Self-Challenge and Experiment

I was born a glutton. My mother tells me of stories of me as an infant sucking on food from the ground when I could barely crawl, and when I did learn to walk, I would always make my way to the food table; food was always my passion.

And so began the journey of chubbiness, insecurities, diet-seeking, bulimia, binges and great weight fluctuations. I could never keep a balance. When I was around 13, I actually grabbed a knife and wanted to die. I have always been humble to this moment and have generally kept it to myself. Though, I am not ashamed of it anymore, I am proud, because since that day I haven't looked back. I always try to dismiss my insecurities and uplift those around me...

But why tell this sappy story?

Because it is time for more progress. Around four years ago, I turned vegetarian and have felt great in my lifestyle changes full of veggies, fruits, tofu and other alternatives. I have experimented with veganism and cleanses but the reality is, my diet is a Ying-Yang. My name is Melanie and I binge...on sweets. My grandfather passed on a lovely gene to my dad, who then passed it along to me which is to be COMPLETELY obsessed and subservient to sweets. The feeling is like denying a crack addict his lovely fix, so that one day he finds himself overdosing in desperation. I can eat a whole cake, plus all the oreos in that box, ice-cream and my body would still crave more. My grandfather is dying of diabetes, my dad eats just like his dad did, and well, its time for me to "man" up ("woman" up too) or follow the same linear path as they.


I created a personal "YOLO 6-week challenge", which means "You only Live Once". It is time to stop giving myself dumb excuses and engaging in destructive patterns. I also open it up to all who want to join in. For the first two weeks, I am turning Raw Vegan (today is the first day, wow am I hungry all the time) while engaging in a good amount of excercise each week. My goal is to lose 12 pounds (and to be able to run 2 miles without feeling like a sledgehammer hit my chest).

Every Sunday night, 9pm, I meet in front of the Wellness Center with anyone who wants to also have significant impact in their life. There is a weigh in and I pass out a quick packet of tips.

But, anyone can join with their own Goal.

It doesn't have to be to lose weight, but perhaps you want to get stronger, you want to improve your heart health, decrease your cholesterol levels. This goal is as personal as the true discipline it takes to make change.

The beauty of it is, you are a constituent to the group, to everyone else's goal. Others are using your dedication as a driving force to stay on track. It is like the Weight Watcher's concept of weekly meetings, but without the pricetag and the Dunkin Donuts next to it (It is on US 1 here in Coral Gables, how EVIL is that?)

BUT it also goes to Charity
Like a walkathon, but a "Fit-A-Thon". You can "bet" money on every pound I lose. So for example, you bid "$3", for every pound I lose you will donate 3 dollars to Team of Life, Inc. A Non-profit company in Ft. Lauderdale that offers inner city kids tutoring, school supplies, etc.

If you join in, you can also get others to bid for you.


I want to see how my body transforms, how I feel, how my stamina changes. Think of it as "Supersize Me" but reversed: "Superfit Me?". Wow. Enough said.

I will write my struggles and realizations here to hopefully move those of you forward who want to do good for your body. Its not truly easy for anyone.